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Cost Management Services in the Construction Industry

NRA Consultants Ltd, based in London, offers cost management services, procurement advice, contract administration, dispute resolution, quantity surveying, and project management services across the UK. Contact us today.

Estimating and Monitoring Construction Costs

It is essential to have accurate cost estimation for project feasibility, considering factors such as labour, equipment, and unforeseen expenses. In addition, budget control is crucial to any commercial construction project. Our consultants help you create realistic budgets and monitor spending to ensure the effective use of resources.
We provide ongoing financial assessments, identifying potential cost overruns or cost saving opportunities.

It is our vision to be the consultant of choice within the sectors we work, giving our clients the extra service not available from a large multi-discipline consultancy.

Cost Management Services

Cost management services are integral to the success of construction projects. In an industry full of budget constraints, regulatory compliance, and evolving market conditions, NRA Consultants Ltd provides the necessary expertise to help you control expenses, optimise resources, and ensure financial viability.
The accurate and detailed initial cost estimation during the planning process, helps measure the project expenditure. We offer continuous monitoring and control of expenses during the project execution. Get in touch with us for effective cost management services in London and across the UK.

Cost Management Services

Dispute Resolution

Loss & Expense Claims

Delay Analysis

Risk Management

Project Management

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We provide our clients with an exceptional level of service, exceeding their expectations. Work with us on your new commercial construction projects in London and across the UK.


- Estimating
- Feasibility Studies
- Strategic Advice
- Cost Planning
- Cost Modelling
- Procurement Advice

Post Contract Completion

- Final Accounting
- Remeasurement
- Strategic Advice
- Loss & Expense Claims
- Delay Analysis
- Negotiation

Construction Phase

- Procurement
- Contract Advice
- Tender Documentation
- Change Control
- Relevant Event Advice


- Contract Reviews
- Progress Monitoring
- Fund Monitoring
- Project Reporting


About Us

Our consultants are highly skilled and experienced in commercial construction projects in London and surrounding areas. We assess potential risks that could impact project costs and schedule, developing mitigation strategies to minimise effects. We work to the highest standards on every project and aim for 100% customer satisfaction.


We deliver the best results for our clients through industry knowledge, application of our expertise and flexibility.
Our goal is underpinned by the level of our director's involvement on our projects and a strong commitment by them to our clients.

Choose NRA Consultants Ltd to deliver the best outcomes for your projects.

Contact us now.

“The service provided by NRA Consultants Limited was absolutely first class and a true professional approach helped the project achieve our goals”.

C S Ford, Mace Limited

Choose NRA Consultants Ltd

NRA Consultants Ltd offers effective cost management services in London and across the UK. Get in touch with us for more information on procurement advice, contract administration and practical dispute resolution for construction projects.

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