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NRA Consultants Ltd Offers Delay Analysis Services

Our expert consultants provide a comprehensive examination of the factors contributing to project delays, enabling you to make informed decisions and effectively resolve disputes in London and across the UK.

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Delivering Projects on Time

Our services involve identifying why delays occur on a construction project and managing the setbacks. Delays can arise from a variety of sources such as weather conditions, design changes, unforeseen site conditions or supply chain disruptions. We have experienced consultants who will analyse these complexities, offer an impartial assessment of the causes and impact of the delays on your project schedule and costs.
NRA Consultants Ltd aims to help deliver your construction projects on time, by involving everyone and collaborating from the start, effectively communicating, and proactively managing expectations.

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Delay Analysis Services

Delivering projects on time can be challenging. It would require detailed planning, effective communication, collaboration, and practical project management. Our consultants offer comprehensive project planning, which involves detailed scope definition, clear objectives, and a realistic timeline.
We enable you to visualise your construction project’s progression, identify potential delays and to strategically allocate resources.
Our delay analysis services will contribute to your construction contract negotiations and dispute resolutions. We provide a structured breakdown of delays and the consequences, which could result in time extensions or adjustments to project scope and costs.
Get in touch with us for strategies to minimise the occurrence of delays on your projects.

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NRA Consultants Ltd, based in London, aim to thoroughly examine the factors contributing to your construction project delays.  Get in touch with us to learn more about our quantity surveying, project management, and delay analysis services.

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