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Loss and Expense Claims in Construction Projects

NRA Consultants Ltd, based in London, offer services across the UK to address the financial impacts of project delays and disruptions. Contact us for quantity surveying and project management services.

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Claims Associated with Delays

These claims arise when contractors or subcontractors incur additional costs because of things happening beyond their control, which impact the project timelines and budgets.
Various factors lead to loss and expense claims on a project. Delays caused by extreme weather, design changes, site conditions, or supply chain disruptions can result in increased expenditure. These claims aim to compensate parties for expenses incurred because of the disruptions, as well as loss of profit that may arise from extended project timelines.
NRA Consultants Ltd help maintain comprehensive records of events leading to a claim and how they affect project progression, resources, and costs. Clear documentation helps establish a link between claim and the resulting financial impact.
Get in touch with us if you have any questions about contracts, claims and other disputes in the construction industry.

Loss and Expense Claims Service

In accordance with standard construction contracts, loss and expense claims typically undergo a comprehensive evaluation process. This process involves verifying the validity of the claim under the contractual terms and assessing the impact on time and money.
One critical component of loss and expense claims is demonstrating that the event leading to the claim was not foreseeable and falls within the scope of events for which the contractor can seek compensation. Proving that the event was beyond the contractor's control and could not have been reasonably anticipated is essential in building a successful claim.
Loss and expense claims can lead to adjustments in the project contract budget or extensions of time, aiming to fairly compensate contractors for the additional costs they incurred because of unforeseen events.
Get in touch with us if you want a thorough assessment process, negotiation, documentation inspection and expert analysis of your construction projects.

Choose NRA Consultants Ltd

NRA Consultants Ltd, based in London, offers advice on commercial construction contracts, services for loss and expense claims, addressing the financial impacts of project delays and disruptions. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

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